How to maximise the saleability of your property

So, you have decided to put your property on the market and you want to get the maximum possible price. To help you achieve this, here are some preparation tips of jobs, you can do before you have your property photos taken by the estate agent. This way you know you are going to present your home to the public in its best light. We have provided these helpful tips to ensure that you are making the right changes/preparation to your property to reach its maximum potential.

Create space – most potential buyers are attracted to a spacious environment, so try to keep things as clear and clutter free as possible. Maybe even move things around if it helps to create the feeling of space. The usage of mirrors can also help as they give a reflective surface of light and an illusion of space.

Maximise your rooms – think about how the potential buyer would like to see the use of each room. For example, a room currently used as a play room might be better to be seen as an extra bedroom.

Thinking of re-decorating – keep it simple. Try to use neutral colours that can appeal to anyone as a blank canvas and therefore will appeal to your potential buyer. Light colours can also help to open a room up rather than dark colours which can feel like the walls are closing in.

Minor repairs – try to fix any minor repairs like dripping taps or broken doors/drawers. Try to clean windows inside and out. Make sure all plug sockets and light bulbs are working. Small touch ups to paintwork or mending peeling wallpaper can help a room look tidy.

Outside space
–Try to keep your outside space as tidy and clutter free as possible. In the right time of year, perhaps think about planting some flowers in the garden or having some in pots, yellow flowers are a welcoming and warming colour. Clean guttering and maybe pressure wash patios/decking.

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