Great news for first time buyers

Recent data has shown that the number of first-time buyers planning to get on the housing ladder hasn't decreased following the EU-referendum. The study also found that 95% of first-time buyers admit they are finding it difficult to get their foot on the housing ladder and it’s not hard to see why.

First time buyers are frequently finding themselves in a bidding-war scenario, as they all attempt to make the most of record-low interest rates.

The key to getting your foot in the door of home-ownership is all in the preparation, an area that gets overlooked far too often.

A meeting with a qualified mortgage adviser at Up Financial will leave you educated on the entire process. They will ensure your budget is realistic and that your monthly payments would be affordable. They’ll even run through solicitor’s fee’s and timescales.

Knowing exactly how to pitch your offer to an estate agent, and what key points to mention regarding your agreement in principle and strong position, it’ll put you ahead of the competition, giving you the fighting chance you need to secure your home!

Tom Garvie

Up Financial Director

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